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Turbo Precision Machine (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 in Heyi Village, Shajing Street of Shenzhen City, is engaged in the independent development and manufacture of CNC three-axis electro discharge machining tools andthose of more axles, CNC systems and servo units, the design, production and sales of peripheral parts and components, as well as the research and development of the above-mentioned system software. Our CNC electro discharge machining tool system and equipment which has been researched and developed for years was formally accomplished in 2012, and our company thus becomes one of a few domestic companies having the proprietary property right of CNC electro discharge machining tool system. At the same year, we formally started equipment manufacturing, and our equipment has been exported to overseas. Our company is registered with HKD 15 million and has abundant strength, thus we have successfully introduced professional technical personnel from Korea,the domestic management talents and other advantageous resources to achieve effective and reasonable integration and accelerate the development. Through the rapid development over these years, our company has become one of the domestic famous electro discharge machining manufacturers and has built our own brands, “DEAHAN” and “TURBO”. We have accumulated strong technical strength and solid management foundation, and have been certified by SGS ISO9001-2008 International Standard Quality System and CE.
Since the establishment, we have always uphold the business concept of “survive on quality, win reputation by service, and seek development by efficiency”,
which enables the production and business to achieve rapid development.
From household appliances manufacturers (Haier, Hisses, Melon, Greed, Skyworth, Changchun, Kona, etc.) to automobile manufacturers (BYD, SAIC, Great Wall and other famous brand manufacturers), and from common industrial manufacturing to cutting-edge technology industry, the sign of Turbo electro discharge machining can be seen everywhere. The brands “TURBO E.D.M.” and “DAEHAN E.D.M.” have beenone of the brands recognized in and out of the industry, and have becomethe guarantee of high quality and confidence for mold manufacturers. We are going tosincerely cooperate with friends from all sectors by adhering to the quality policy of “customer upmost, quality first, sincere service and continuous improvement”.
Turbo Precision Machine (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. mainly provides small-size, medium-size, large-and medium-size, large-size and extra-large ultra-precision CNC electro discharge machining tools and special machine tools, involvingover 20 models in total, to flexibly satisfy the different demands and fast innovation pursuit of various mold manufacturers. Recently, our double-head CNCEDMmachine tools and multi-head assembled EDM machinetools are highly praised by large mold manufacturers and automobile mould manufacturers. And our products have been exported to Korea, India, Russia, Thailand and other countries.
Turbo Precision Machine (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. insists in persistent technical innovation to constantly createvalues for customers. The company sets up branches in China (4), Hong Kong, Korea (2), India (1) and other places. From 2013 to 2014, the company applied for 14 patents. In order to adapt to the market demand and factory automation and intelligence, by the end of 2014, our company has accomplished the research and development of EDM automation programming software (DEAHAN CAM) which will be a new growth impetus of our company in 2015. Relying on the continuously strengthened innovation capability, the extraordinary and flexible customization capability and the constantly improved delivery capability, our company has won the trust and cooperation of customers all over the world.In the future, our company will continue to engage in leading the development of the global EDMindustry and responding to the increasingly changing challenges in EDM field.



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